Cannon Elementary School

Bond Proposal

Existing Cannon Elementary

  • Originally constructed in 1959

  • Much of the campus does not comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act, Texas Accessibility Standards and current building code

  • Classrooms and science labs are undersized per Texas Education Agency standards

  • Poor pavement conditions and surface drainage issues

  • Majority of mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems are inefficient and have met their useful lifecycle

  • Structural damage to the foundation and framing systems throughout the facility

  • Visible deterioration and aging of interior conditions

New Cannon Elementary

  • New replacement campus to be built on existing site.

  • Energy efficient and completed to current educational standards and building requirements

  • Includes a controlled entrance requiring visitors to report to the campus office and present identification before being granted access to the main part of the school

  • Includes advanced security systems including access control, surveillance, communications equipment and classroom door hardware to support emergency lockdown and comply with fire code

  • Infrastructure to support technology in conjunction with LEAD 2021 initiative

  • Includes carbon monoxide detectors

  • Move-in date: Tuesday October 9, 2018

Cannon Elementary.png


Good afternoon Cannon families,

Before we finish the 2017-2018 school year, I wanted to provide you with an update regarding construction on the new Cannon Elementary School.

As I am sure you are aware, this year Texas had a significant amount of rain from June 2017-March 2018, which was a during a critical phase of construction. Compounded with high winds, this weather has prompted several delays in construction. Our intention has always been, that we open the new Cannon building prior to the beginning of the 2018-2019 school year; however, last week the general contractor, Lee Lewis Construction, notified the District that the new building would not be ready in time for the new school year.

While we know this news may be disappointing to our families, the safety of our students and staff are paramount, and ultimately that impacted the decision to delay moving into the new building. The District met with the contractor, as well as Huckabee Architects and officials from the City of Grapevine to discuss several options, which included partially occupying the new building until it is fully completed. Ultimately, the team determined that the safest course of action is to remain in the existing building so that students and staff are able to safely evacuate and fire trucks can appropriately access the occupied building in the event of a fire or other emergency.

The updated timeline is for students and staff to remain in the current building through the completion of construction, which Lee Lewis anticipates will be the end of September. Our intention is for staff to move into the building over the Columbus Day weekend and students will occupy the new facility on Tuesday, October 9. The existing parking lot and drop-off area will remain on the west side as crews finalize the building and prepare the site for moving. When students and staff begin instruction in the new facility, they will also have access to the patio, makerspace and garden areas and playground; however, the soccer field and outdoor basketball court areas will continue to be used as a temporary fire lane and for materials storage.

Once students and staff move into the new building, Lee Lewis will construct a safety barrier around the facility and begin demolition of the old building. Additionally, they will work on constructing the remaining parking lots, driveways and sports areas. This work will begin in October 2018, and Lee Lewis anticipates it will continue through the winter and early spring into March 2019.

Cannon Construction updates will be provided throughout the summer through the weekly newsletter. If you have not signed up to receive these updates, please subscribe here. We want to thank you for your patience and understanding as we work to create a state-of-the-art facility to be enjoyed by families, students, staff and the community for years to come.

Dr. Robin Ryan

GCISD Superintendent