FIRST Meeting - February 2, 2016

Chief Operations Officer Paula Barbaroux opened the meeting by reviewing handouts with team members. Handouts include an updated Preliminary Tax Rate Impact Analysis showing tax rate increases for various bond packages, a recommendations summary sheet showing a new possible bond package total of $256,375,222 after proposed reductions and additions, and a guide defining the colors in the voting sheet.

Ms. Barbaroux then went through the voting sheet to point out proposed additions and proposed reductions, explaining the reasoning for each item. For example, a proposed addition is to install carbon monoxide detectors in district facilities. Detectors are not required for schools, but the district feels it would be a good addition to help keep our schools safe for students and staff.

Referring to the summary sheet, Ms. Barbaroux explained that the total of the proposed reductions is $11,813,698. Adding $4,174,456 of proposed additions brings a new proposed total to the $256M level.

Shea Kirkman, FIRST co-chair, polled the room to ask team members if they are in support of this bond package, thus moving forward with with the proposed additions and reductions. The majority of team members voted in support of this revised package with two exceptions, adding two projects and taking the total amount to $257.9M. A couple of team members expressed a desire to review some of the proposed items. Therefore, Mr. Kirkman asked FIRST members to discuss the proposals in their groups and encouraged them to ask district staff questions to clarify possible questions.

Following this table discussion, Louie Sullins, FIRST co-chair, let groups know that he and Mr. Kirkman will go, group by group, asking for their yay/nay on the $257.9M proposal. Groups voted unanimously to support this proposal 

Mr. Kirkman then reminded team members that he and Mr. Sullins will present this proposal and framework to the board of trustees on Monday, February 8 and asked for team members to attend to show their support. The meeting starts at 6 p.m. Mr. Kirkman explained that he anticipates questions from the board that the team will need to make sure and have answered.

On February 18, FIRST will officially recommend the bond proposal to the board for the May 7 election. He also reminded FIRST members that once they receive a ‘yes’ from the board, the team needs to turn into a group of supporters for this proposal--GCISD staff cannot promote the bond.

Mr. Sullins also explained to team members that the February 9 FIRST meeting is only needed if the presentation to the board causes a review of the proposal.

Before closing tonight’s meeting, Ms. Barbaroux informed team members that she would be sending a survey out for their feedback on this process to help best plan future community projects.