FIRST Meeting - November 3, 2015


Chief Operations Officer Paula Barbaroux began tonight’s meeting by welcoming team members. She then turned the time over to Tim McClure from Huckabee.


Preview Consensus Voting Framework

Mr. McClure explained the consensus voting framework to the Team. This is the process that will be used to assist the group with reaching consensus on recommendations and tracking the projects they recommend. Projects will be categorized based on the number of votes per subcommittee. Subcommittees will be able to assign points to each recommended project. Projects garnering 83% or more support of the group will be included among the recommendations. The voting framework document will be kept active (updated in real-time) so all subcommittees may see each other’s votes.

Ms. Barbaroux gave additional explanations regarding the voting process. She then reminded subcommittee chairpersons to bring a written list of subcommittee priorities and their spreadsheet with projects prioritized.


Consensus Color Coding Summary Sheet

Sample Consensus Workbook


Subcommittee Work Time

Team members divided into their subcommittee groups to continue their project discussion.